Make predictable revenue writing emails people genuinely love to read

Stop worrying about “too many emails” and start sending emails your subscribers will open before anyone else’s



Make predictable revenue writing emails people genuinely love to read

Stop worrying about “too many emails” and start sending emails your subscribers will open before anyone else’s

“The biggest thing that Email Stars has given me is confidence. Confidence that I can do this 'email' thing. Confidence that I can write emails that people actually like to read. I remember Tarzan's words every time I sit down to write: 'Write what's true.' And that, to me, is priceless."

~ Roshni Dominic

If you emailed your list with a new offer, are you confident people would buy?

If not… 

I’m willing to bet there are loads of people who’d love to hear from you week-after-week. 

The (understandable) thing holding you back? 

Taking steps to strategically nurture your subscribers. That feels challenging, especially if your list is the size of a pinprick, you haven’t emailed them in 3 months & your To-Do list is longer than grandma's from-scratch apple pie recipe.  

(Or maybe you *have* been emailing them constantly, but you're not getting those excited replies)

Because whatever you sell — services, physical products, copywriting, or digital courses — this is you most days.

You sit at your desk, pop in those white AirPods, and then... 

….You rush from task to task. Your Google calendar is packed with Zoom calls. 

...You start to write and immediately worry strikes. You imagine getting negative responses or (maybe worse) crickets. Then, the gut-wrenching thought hits → 

“Who am I to even be emailing - don’t they have enough in their inbox already?”

...You can’t help but compare yourself to “superstar” entrepreneurs and THEIR emails/success/fancy Forbes logos.

Your Promotions Tab *dings*, you read emails from your internet-famous idols and feel instant self-doubt

You open an email from a brand you trust (maybe even mine). It’s about their big event in NYC, followed by an oh-so-cool influencer dinner (“Look at my famous friends! Yay, life!”)...

...OR it tells a story so witty and clever, you immediately slip into why-that'll-never-be-me mode.  

Your imposter complex is flaring up and rising faster than your heart rate. 

You imagine all the opens, clicks, and big fat paydays that person is probably getting, and it feels like there'll be none left for you. 

Seeing them stay so consistent and “on point” with their emails, you doubt your own email writing and potential for success.

Antoanela Safca

“I have now written hundreds of client emails that sell, connect, tell stories (and pay my bills too).

But honestly, the most important thing is the joy I get out of writing emails now. No medium beats email for me. That intimacy, just me and the inbox owner, with no crowd cheering, judging, eaves-dropping, is where I wanna be.

How did Email Stars help? It gave me the training wheels, the frameworks I needed to...fool myself I knew what I was doing, and then...experiment, try new things, just keep writing emails.

I go back to Email Start regularly. Pretty much every time I write a sequence. It's my starting point. My home base."

~ Antoanela Safca

Before Letting Writer's Block, Imposter Syndrome, Or Fear of Crickets Stop You From Emailing, 

While advice like “the money’s in the list” and “create more free content” is very well-meaning... 

It’s vital you hear - 

Turning a cold, silent-as-the-grave email list into a pack of noisy and engaged, ready-to-buy subscribers → is easier than you’d think

The only reason your vision for more revenue and excited email replies (!!!!!!) feels far away? 

You’ve been led to believe that in order to actually fill your programs and skyrocket your revenue, you must have: 

  • a massive email list 
  • a hit podcast
  • a client waitlist longer than my arm  

Hear this: That idea that you need a “big list” is an industry fairy tale. 

(As is claiming ANY musical besides Hamilton is the best show of all time!) 

With the right strategies, even a list of less than 500 subscribers can result in consistent, amazing clients for the long term, and course launches that meet (or surpass!) your revenue goals.  

I’ve done it myself—and showed countless other copywriters and course creators how to do the same.  

(In a moment, you’ll have the opportunity to be one of them.)


“I did my first webinar ever on Thursday with my 997$ course. That was super scary, also because I never sold a course at such a high price. My cart just closed and I sold 14 courses in 4 days. I am amazed. Just a month ago I was hoping to sale to 1 person (for real). And then when I saw 420 people signed up to my webinar I dreamed of 10 sales. What a beautiful feeling when life goes beyond your expectations. Tarzan Kay Kalryzian's swipe files helped me a lot. Again. The last email - that I almost didn't send - made me the last sale. Thank you so much for showing me the way of what is possible in my career and in my life.”

~ Hinda Es-Sadiqi

"For the longest time, I used to think "I don't know if my emails are any good - people don't reply and say stuff!". So I used to be super irregular.  
After I joined Tarzan's Email Stars last year - I started emailing every week and just sticking with it. People started booking lots of calls. And on the calls, they gush about how much they love my emails! They thank me for showing up and say "giirl, your marketing is 🔥".  

Thanks for getting me emailing regularly, Tarzan - that in itself was worth the full price of the program many times over!

~ Satya Purna, Business & Mindset Coach

Tameka Allen

“I've taken a lot of online programs. I mean A LOT!
But after going through Email Stars last year, I'm happy to say it wasn't the typical course experience.

✅ Tarzan and her team delivered like a mofo.
✅ I never felt like a needle in a haystack.
✅ It's not unusual for my email open rates to be 40%+ (at its highest 87.5%).
✅ My subscribers are replying to my emails.
I look forward to writing my email list each week.
✅ I gained two business buddies who I still meet with regularly.
✅ And the program is bite-sized, so you don't get overwhelmed with content, but it still over-delivers.

The icing on the cake for me? As a Black woman, I love that she's actively working to fight bias and sleazy sales tactics in the online industry. She makes me feel safe to show up and be me.

I can't wait to go through Email Stars again! I know it's going to be better than ever.
Hope to see you there!”

~ Tameka Allen, Online Course Consultant

How to be a business hero who has blockbuster promotions and gets Stripe notifications all day long

Even if you haven’t had high-open rate emails every week or big sales from email, that’s absolutely okay. 

Every other “entrepreneur superstar” started the same way - they hadn’t “done it all” yet.

Whatever type of business it is, whether you sell services, products, or programs, we all have to start with the same number of subscribers: zero.

🎶 There may be a million things you haven’t done (yet) but just you wait, just you waittttttt 🎶


As long as you’ve got LONG-GAME and you’re willing to show up week after week, you can achieve the open rates, the click-through rates, and the course revenue you want. 

Truth be told?  

Most businesses have not committed (and won’t ever!) to cultivating a highly-engaged and wildly profitable email list.

The few who master the art of email, AND pursue it, generate incredible incredible long-term relationships AND revenue.

Even if you feel so behind, there's no better time than NOW to nurture a devoted list of repeat buyers

This is your chance to set yourself up for a successful launch in 2022 - and make this the year you finally build a deep relationship with your email subscribers.  

You can absolutely “catch up” on all the list-nurturing you've been pretending isn't important.

The route is simple.

Allison Rodman

“The girl who hated email is beginning to love it…

I had a ridiculously small email list made up of mostly clients. I knew nothing of marketing, list building, or copy writing. I shopped around in the business space, but everything felt sales-ey, slimy, and way off brand. I hated the idea of selling out, tried it on for a bit, and hated it even more.

... Until I met Tarzan Kay. Her swipes are authentic. They inspire me to connect deeper with my ICA. Her strategies work. Since I enrolled in Email Stars in November, my humble list has tripled (yes, seriously). And I have only, admittedly, applied 30% of the course content so far - taking one step intentionally and carefully at a time - but this course is the real deal.

But more than that, in Tarzan's content and strategies, you will find a commitment to authenticity and equity in a field overly-saturated with everything but.

Run, don't walk, to the sales page. Use the payment plan. It's not unethically marked up.

It's honest. It's real... and so is this course.

~ Allison Rodman, thelearningloop.com

Why not let a seasoned email marketer lead you through the Wild Wild West of email copywriting & strategy?

(and get strategies that’ll make this your "summer of money")


A 12-week program for course creators, copywriters, product- and service-based businesses ready to book clients & sell programs...every time you hit that “send” button + Now featuring weekly support and live writing sessions with me, Tarzan!

Tori Autumn

"I have to share the excitement with you! Elements I learned from you in ES have helped me write my fav. newsletter up-to-date. I've gotten so many replies that this is "the best email I've ever received", and "it's like talking to a bestie I haven't met yet."

~ Tori Autumn, Self-Love Coach


Dearest darlingest fabulous Tarzan Kay,

I want you to know that my average email open rate for the Pinspired Profits email list has increased from 27% to over 50% since I joined your program on Black Friday. 🤯

(And my latest email is at 70%... with my list twice as big it was when we started!! ... and after scrubbing - WHAT?!)

Most people might read this and be like... what language is she speaking... but I know the entrepreneurs in my tribe are cheering and feel the massive relief, joy, and gratitude that comes from this kind of shift in a business.

Thank you for helping me translate the magic in my brain to better serve and connect with my peeps! ❤

Written with love from a relieved Email Stars student!

~ Jessica Bird, theserendipitylifestyle.com

Go from never emailing your list (because really, who's reading?) 

...to having an engaged list, eager to reply & buy

This is a training program unlike anything else on the market (there's almost no overlap with programs like B-School, Digital Course Academy, The Copy Cure, or 10xEmails).

In this immersive experience, you’ll learn how to achieve scalable revenue, open rates, and excited email replies that grow and grow with your business.  

As a course creator, copywriter, product- or service-based business, you’ll be able to:

Map out an effective email-powered promotion, down to the very last email (with swipe copy for every sequence!)

Get your questions answered LIVE, from me (Tarzan) We’ll make your emails revenue-ready, and fine-tune your strategy every week for 12 weeks

Send out profitable pre-templated promo emails (I provide the promo calendar + email swipes for you to make your own)

Go from never emailing your list (because really, who's reading?) 

...to having an engaged list, eager to reply & buy

This is a training program unlike anything else on the market (there's almost no overlap with programs like B-School, Digital Course Academy, The Copy Cure, or 10xEmails).

In this immersive experience, you’ll learn how to achieve scalable revenue, open rates, and excited email replies that grow and grow with your business.  

As a course creator, copywriter, product- or service-based business, you’ll be able to:

Map out an effective email-powered promotion, down to the very last email (with swipe copy for every sequence!)

Get your questions answered LIVE, from me (Tarzan) We’ll make your emails revenue-ready, and fine-tune your strategy every week for 12 weeks

Send out profitable pre-templated promo emails (I provide the promo calendar + email swipes for you to make your own)

Bobby Klinck

"In my first launch after working with Tarzan, I generated $53k in revenue with earnings per lead over $100! She really teaches you how to have a big impact, even if you don't have a huge list!" 

~ Bobby Klinck, Online Entrepreneur & Lawyer

Gloria Chou

"I joined email stars as a first time digital product creator. I never launched a digital product before this and Tarzan helped me gain critical skills for my business and life that resulted in:

-$13k in Black Friday sales less than a month from the product being launched
-50% average show up rate to webinars
-3x more opt ins on my pages
-Doubling the size of my email list in three months
-Having the know how to clearly communicate the value and transformation my program/product delivers (a skill for life)

🚀Since October, we’ve sold multiple six figures of this product that was built during COVID and helped hundreds of small business owners land press and pitch successfully to media. 

I couldn’t have done it without Email Stars.

I still write all of my own copy with the skills I learned from Tarzan!!

❤️❤️ Tarzan Tarzan

~ Gloria Chou

Here are the tangibles you'll get (as sweet as an inbox full of “re: your newsletter”)

As an Email Star, you get to access my personal file of swipes & templates for every imaginable sequence 

...and they’re not for sale anywhere else!

Here’s what copywriters had to say about Email Stars

“Because of this program, I made my first $1k EVER. No one had ever paid me that amount even in my 9-5😎 and that was thanks to the confidence I gained being in Email Stars.

And the highlight of it all was the completion badge that earned me bragging rights.

In Email Stars, you will never stop getting light bulb moments every time you rewatch the lessons; always fresh and giving you endless ideas.

Plus the community is amazingly supportive. You will never feel alone and can never go wrong with Tarzan because she is the best of the best ❤”

~ Jacinta Amutsa, Copywriter

Julie Cabezas


Let me speak to copywriters.

Email Stars =

Confidence in your approach to launching & selling on email

Inspiration for killer hooks, segues, and CTAs that get results

Templates on templates on templates that never get old

Never starting from scratch again

Lots of tone of voice magic that will inform EVERYTHING (and make you and your clients sound AMAZING)

All the goodness that's in Tarzan's head in your head

It's the most valuable copywriting program I've ever bought.

A true copywriting business in a box

And a burst of creativity-glitter up your butt whenever you need one ❤

You'll be SO HAPPY you have this resource in your back pocket. I did $350K last year and my foundation for everything was Email Stars.

DO IT ❤"

~ Julie Cabezas, Copywriter

Ieva Dalbina

“Email Stars has saved my butt more times than I can count.

You know those times when you feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and ready to quit your copywriting business for good?

I've been in that spot a few more times than I'd like to admit during the past year or so (thanks, 2020).

But having the templates from Email Stars in my back pocket has helped me pull through.

Oh, and those templates?

They have also helped me ROCK some really great $1.5K VIP days... (like the one where the client asked me to come in mid-launch because NOTHING was happening... and we ended up having a near-$100K launch in the end 💸).

So you know.

If you are into making your life as easy as possible...
And having clients swoon about the copy that you didn't even have to try *that* hard to write...

Buy Email Stars. 💌”

~ Ieva Dalbinam, Copywriter

“I love learning from Tarzan.

Every lesson she's taught me has rendered results. Email Stars is the course where things really started to click for me.

In the process of learning to shine bright like a diamond in my subscribers inbox, I was able to immediately bring valuable & actionable insights into the work with my clients. I gained more clarity around my offerings and was introduced to a great network of people.

It's seems like a lot, but it's been the only course that hasn't had me hiding from overwhelm.

~ Tracy Duru, Copywriter

"Within 6 months, I can directly contribute $17,653 from working with Tarzan. That doesn't include confidence to raise prices on other rates and new services either. ;) 

I didn’t think I'd have believed this metric - especially with what revenue was...now, I feel so much more confident at knowing I will have more clients and to confidently expect the higher revenue goals. Tarzan doesn't only teach on writing...she changed how I see (and fears around) money!”

-Allison Gower, Persuasion Strategist & Brand Voice Copywriter 

Even seasoned business owners love Email Stars

“I recently went through Email Stars with my team and wow! What an incredible experience. I felt so welcomed and supported by Tarzan and her team throughout the entire process. The content was so well laid out and easy to follow inside the program, so there was zero overwhelm. The modules all covered all the things that had been on our to-do list for months or even years. While I as CEO wanted to have the knowledge, it's my team that implements the strategies, so it was fun to go through this experience and learn together. In the past few months since we did the program, we have a stronger, more cohesive email marketing strategy that we all feel good about. We're seeing higher open rates and our sales emails are converting better than ever. I'm so grateful for Tarzan and Email Stars.”

- Lianne Kim, Mamas & Co 

"What makes Email Stars so good for me is that despite being a copywriter for almost 10 years, email is just not my favorite thing. My brain was so fried from years of the same formats and templates, starting a new sequence for myself or a client felt like pulling teeth. 

That's a HUGE part of why I chose to invest in Email Stars. T is a master of email, so having access to one of the best brains on the topic, and being able to review the swipe files and classes helps me confirm what I am doing and validates the good practices built. But more than that? It ALSO gives me a new baseline for my own emails that feels fresh and fun. It’s given me the energy I need around my email game, and has really ramped up my creative energy around selling stuff in my business altogether.”

- Hillary Weiss  

Carly’s evergreen funnel used to get an average of 4 course members a month. Now she gets 6 per week.

"If Tarzan Kay is offering something, I'm buying it.

I cannot say enough about my experience in Email Stars. Tarzan's extremely informative yet laid back style of delivery helped me feel at ease in finding my own voice as a writer. The course modules are actionable and to the point - the kind of course I could actually follow while also focusing on #everythingelse in my business. Her tips and tactics have brought MASSIVE growth to my open rates and conversion. When I met Tarzan I had under 1,000 subscribers and was making about $17k per year in my biz. 

I'm now at over 30,000 subscribers, and brought in over 50k in revenue in the last 30 days! Just 6 months after I started my work with her. 

Dive in to Email Stars, you won't regret it!"

- Carly Banks, Ayurvedic Practitioner  


"Last November, when we were doing our big pre-sale for our Farm Shares, I made over $21,000 with one email — people paying me in advance for vegetables!  That was just with the first email announcing that sales were open.  

I've been selling farm shares through email for a few years, so my customers were ready for this, but also — in that one email, I barely did any "selling."  

I shared a story and connection and then made a short offer at the end.  While I didn't follow a template, Email Stars helped me feel confident in writing from the heart, and my customers responded really quickly to that.

So thank you again."

- Kate Spring, The Good Heart Life  

Email Stars is one of the most amazing and helpful programs I have ever had the good fortune to be in.

It has 1000% helped me up my email game. When I joined, I was a newbie- I barely even had an email list. When I looked at all those things other people were producing (Webinar emails, list scrub sequences etc) I took one look at it all and thought, 'No chance. I can't do that'.

And then... I did it all and MORE!!! Thanks to the fantastic 60 Day Email Challenge, I started knocking things off my to do list that I thought I never could in such a short amount of time: Outlining THREE extra lead magnet freebies, determining tags and adding them to my email provider, creating a list scrub sequence, writing a webinar invite sequence, writing a 'pattern interrupt' email... whaaaaat?! I had officially done in a few weeks, the things I thought I had to wait months, or even years, to do.

Tarzan is a one-in-a-million gem and has a huge heart. She has been absolutely brilliant at reviewing the emails I submitted for feedback. She was kind, supportive and encouraging. She helped an email newbie like me, realise that I could do this.

And so the biggest thing that Email Stars has given me, is confidence. Confidence that I can do this 'email' thing. Confidence that I can write emails that people actually like to read. I remember Tarzan's words every time I sit down to write: 'Write what's true.' And that, to me, is priceless."

Thank you Tarzan and Team from the bottom of my heart for this amazing experience!!

~ Roshni Dominic, Sex Coach

Who’s gonna make profit from even the teensiest list? 

Here’s how you know that Email Stars is for you 

Like strawberry shortcake isn’t a 100% crowd favorite, this program isn’t for everyone.

This is going to be a business game-changer for you - if you’re in business for the long game. It’s made for you if you plan to still be in business in 5 years, growing the brand year after year.

I’ve crafted this program for you:

A copywriter who wants to make your work go faster, get results for your clients, and charge more with confidence.

A course creator who’s launched before, but wants to make your next launch even more cha-ching.

A product-based business owner who wants to increase retention, upsell and resell.

A service provider who wants to more consistent leads from clients they actually want to work with.

Who this program is NOT for? 

Email Stars probably isn’t for you if:  

  • You don't have an email list and aren't planning to build one (unless you’re a copywriter—if so,…proceed!)
  • You hate thinking about the tech side of emails and launching—these strategies require some occasional elbow grease
  • You're looking to have a 6-figure launch next month, but you only have 25 people on your email list

If you're thinking, "Nah, that doesn't sound at all like me," then Email Stars is for you!

Bella Bahari


I've seen a lot of folks commenting how impressed they are by the inclusivity and ethical approach of TK and team. And I have to say --

If being honest and ethical in business is IMPORTANT to you,


It is by right the easiest/fastest way to infuse these into your business.

OK full backstory: I'm in the finance and investment niche (a very masculine industry). I run this biz with my husband (a very manly, man). Our past mentors have always been males, so many funnel "gurus", and we were VERY bro-ey.

It did not sit well with me. So I continued sabotaging MY OWN biz because those slimy sleazy marketing felt off. I hardly write any emails, unless we're inviting them to webinars to SELL THEM SOMETHING. Open rate was around 2% because hey, no one likes to be sold something ALL THE TIME.

Joining ES changed my relationship with the business. I realised I can still uphold my integrity and MAKE MONEY at it.

Average open rate is around 20% now, with the highest being 60% lately. Conversion rate for email only launch is around 2% (no webinars, just a good email and a sales page!)

Our list is 25k and growing now. We regularly get replies to our emails.

And my audience doesn't even speak English as their primary language (I'm in Malaysia).

Email marketing isn't the top thing in their head.

Trust me, if I can do it, you can do it too!!!!

Most importantly, I know I can market and still be TRUE to my values.


~ Bella Bahari, absorich.com

“This program literally gave me my career. People should know this investment can be made back in a day! I LOVE you for this!  

I was able to pitch and land 2 major launch clients just a couple weeks into the program. I charged a total of $15,750 (two contracts combined), I guided them like a pro, helped them make over $100k in launch revenue combined and got raving testimonials.  

Email Stars gave me all the info I needed so I could feel confident as a copywriter.”

-Katelyn Collins, Copywriter & Launch Strategist

With only email (no podcast or free weekly content!), I've built a profitable digital course business that employs a team of 5

Some fun facts about me...

  • This is my 7th year in business, and our 8th time launching Email Stars
  • I’m a superfresh divorcée with two little boys named Mo and Gaïan, who are 4 and 7
  • I spent 3 years in law school, hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts (music major!), and I can solve a Rubik's Cube
  • Digital courses provide all of my business's revenue—it took 3 years to transition from a service-based business model to a course-based model
  • My best business strategies are inspired by psychedelic mushrooms!

I’ve learned WHAT works...for real. And that's email. It's a long-game strategy. Not the get-rich-without-doing-any-work strategy but actual real, daily efforts you can put in place that will help you build a system for creating repeatable, somewhat predictable revenue.  

What is it?  

Building an email list that LOVES your emails and what you offer...one that you can, after consistent nurturing, sell to at any time. 

You're about to become the bright spot in someone's inbox.

In Email Stars, I reveal how to send the emails that keep people hooked...and successfully sell when a course or product launches.  

You might think it takes decades to build up an audience. That it’s about knowing the right people.  

That certainly helps. (I had a huge head start as “Amy Porterfield’s copywriter.”)

But it's not a requirement.

The only requirement is the commitment to playing the long game in your business, and showing up consistently and openly with your email subscribers.


We’ve updated it every single year, and this year more than ever! We’ve added tons more examples and applications for product-based businesses, so they can benefit from what we have to teach about email too. We even offer systems + setup support to make Email Stars as actionable and accessible as possible.

If you’re considering enrolling, now is a great time. After investing, you’re gonna feel as joyful as sitting down to a slice of cake.

"I just wanted to pop in and share how amazing working with Tarzan Kay Kalryzian and being in Email Stars has been for my business. Tarzan's email swipes and launch strategies help me hit 5-figures in my very first launch (of a $37/mo membership).

And it's the emails that have done the heavy lifting.

Because, you see, I'm a bit of a lazy launcher. The social posts, the lives, the pop up Facebook groups, I always want to get to those things. I just never do. 🤣 (Don't believe me? Check out my social @onebighappylife and my website and tell me if you can tell that I actually even sell anything--the cart to my personal finance program Wealth Builders Academy is open right now. Being visible is my kryptonite, but I'm working on it)

But my emails? They kill it, thanks to Tarzan.

In just over a year I've made over $200,000 in digital course sales with a handful of webinars and lots and lots. of. emails. The year before I made $0 in digital course sales.

TLDR; Email Stars is amazing and I can't wait to see you on the inside!"

~ Scarlett Cochran, One Big Happy Life

"After Email Stars, I took a completely cold audience and made them hungry for my offer in less than 30 days. Then I turned on turbo jets, released my 10 email promos and got a new buyer every other day during the sequence.  

After 2 unsuccessful launches, with Tarzan's program - I finally understood how to keep buyers engaged and moving towards a "yes" long after the webinar.  

(In fact, 30% of my sales happened on the replay email.) 

She gave me permission to sell to my list. Something I was super timid to do before ES."

~ Amber Beam, Group Program & Career Coach 


For a price + bonus offer that may NEVER be offered ever again…seize the chance to enroll in this program where you’ll get: 

Video and Audio Lessons

6 x 60(ish)-minute modules on:

  • At least one new sequence weekly
  • Easy wins (just do 10%!)
  • Non-linear learning—skip around and watch in the order you like!

Plus - Ten email editing sessions in the Email Stars Facebook Group

Swipes on Swipes 

Access to swipes & templates for every program covered: (These ARE NOT available for sale anywhere else on Earth, Mars, The Twelve Colonies of Kobol, or otherwise ;)  

  • Nurture sequence 
  • Show-up sequence 
  • Book a call sequence 
  • Webinar invite sequence 
  • Promo sequence 
  • Scrub sequence 
  • Evergreen sequence 
  • GDPR-compliance sequence

...and MORE! 

Guest Expert Masterclasses

Hear from TOP experts on game-changing business insights that most push to the wayside.  

Email Deliverability — how to make sure more of your emails actually make it into inboxes, and don't get caught in a spam filter 

GDPR — how to email people in the UK & Canada without breaking any rules (or getting locked out of your email service provider) 

Unconscious Bias in Emails — so you have to send fewer "I'm sorry" emails than I currently do!


I'm a superfan of Tarzan's forever.  It changed my mindset from procrastination and perfectionism to get ‘er done now. I think you provided extraordinary value. I also want to clarify that your program is a world different from Copy Cure and probably B School and that there's no overlap... that was my only concern for registering at first but not the case at all."

~ Natalie MacLean


See what past students have done

Crystal earned enough to pay her son’s school tuition after watching only two modules

“When Tarzan opened up Emails Stars, I knew I had to DO IT.  I open every single email she sends, and I thought hmmm...maybe this could be me.   Maybe I can be someone's Tarzan! This investment has paid back 10 fold.  Not only do I have a thriving list who I actually LOOK FORWARD to emailing who are (not to mention) segmented properly...Emails Stars saved Christmas, 2019.  After implementing 2 of the modules at break-neck speed, 3 emails created enough revenue to pay for my son's school tuition AND pay for Christmas presents for my family.   I could go on and on, but I think E-mail Stars saving Christmas for our family says it all.”

- Crystal Ruth Thompson, Christian Weight Loss Expert

Anne is still using the program and coming to Q+A with Tarzan six months after joining!

"Absolutely worth the investment! I recommend this training to all my course creator friends. I used what I learned to run a quick Black Friday launch. I only halfway followed Tarzan's advice (I'm still getting comfortable with sending more than a handful of emails, to be honest) and still cranked out $14,000 with 3 emails. 

I know, I know, I probably could've sold more than $14,000 of courses if I fully followed Tarzan's advice, but I'm a work in progress. :) It was $14,000 more than I was planning to make, ha! I was hesitant to run a Black Friday launch at all because it felt like a lot of work, but Tarzan's encouragement and her swipe files made it painless. After the Black Friday launch, I started watching and doing everything in Modules 1-3. For a novice, it took a while to implement everything. Now, about six months later, I'm doing Modules 4-6. It's amazing to look back and realize how much I've learned over the past 6 months!!! Also -- the 60-minute interviews with guest experts have been so helpful. I watch them on my phone as I'm getting ready in the morning. AND the most helpful thing of all is the weekly Facebook lives, where I've gotten Tarzan's critique of my sales pages multiple times."

- Ann K. Emery, Data Visualization Designer

Allison had her first 6-figure year

Allison Evelyn, Copywriter

Hinda made 28 sales on her email-only launch

Hinda Es-Sadiqi, Course Creator

"Email Stars is a business in a box."

“As a high-end copywriter, I had been selling email marketing services for years before I bought Email Stars. The tough part was having to start from scratch with every new client. I'm a little embarrassed to say that swipes were a novel concept for me. (Who knew!?) I joined Email Stars because Tarzan's emails were my favorite emails to read, and I had worked with her on several super-successful launches, so I knew she was the master of all-things email. I wanted all the strategy and swipes she offered in Email Stars, so I could use them with my own clients. Once I had them, I doubled my confidence in selling email marketing services overnight because I no longer had to start from scratch with every client. Email Stars is the foundation you need to dominate with email marketing, whether you're a complete newbie or an advanced copywriter. The lessons you learn will bring you a nice return, whether that's 10X or 66X, like me.”

Julie Cabezas, Copywriter

Olivia made $3500 in sales with a list of 57 people...in one week!

“I enrolled into the program feeling so overwhelmed! At that point I was avoiding sending sales emails because I felt zero confidence in doing it and my email writing skills. One week after I enrolled , I used the Black Friday email sequence , mainly to test things out . I sent it to a small audience of 57 people. Next thing I know : woke up to 3,500$ in sales ( from a 247$ course).  I basically made 2 times my investment in 1 week. But what’s even more important for me is that I am feeling confident into my sales emails writing now . Plus: the swipes make it so easy!”

Olivia Angelescu, Content Marketing Strategist

Erika’s subscribers are rushing to open her emails!

"Since taking Email Stars, I've had people tell me that they rush to open my emails every time they see my name pop up in their inbox. I love that I can refer to the modules and swipe files again and again, anytime I need a little inspiration or a refresher."

Erika Holmes, Copywriter